Our audience is skilled. Technology allows us to evolve alongside them and create two-way relationships.



We are an international public affairs agency. We are experts in crises and delicate communication situations.



Our strategy is the result of data analysis and the integration of 360-degree communication variables.

The Company



The focus of a social perception campaign must always be on the person and their objectives in order to build a position that projects whatever it is they want their audience to perceive.



We combine online and offline strategies and build strong and long-lasting relationships with the audience. Risk analysis is fundamental so as to be able to stay one step ahead of them and, therefore, also anticipate opportunities and threats.



Social perception campaigns need to focus on the medium- and long-term, beyond the circumstances of the client right now. The goal is for the projected image to remain in the collective imagination and for it to be ideal.



The media give a true reflection of our clients' reality. We work on the relationship with the media to pass on our client's current situation, expand upon any issue in particular or prevent a possible personal or corporate communication crisis.


Areas of action


We create communication programmes to ensure the success of the internationalisation strategy of companies and other key processes.


We advise people in the public eye on how to overcome processes with high media exposure at certain key moments, such as electoral campaigns, legal proceedings or reputation crises.


We design their institutional communication and online and offline positioning strategy, one of the most important pillars within a company's business model. We help our client gain visibility.


It is essential to stay ahead of threats to one's own image so as to prevent them, using all possible tools and content, and stop them, thus minimising risks and turning the negative points into communication opportunities.


We offer programmes on Communication and Training for Television for all sectors, and also in-company projects tailored to the needs of every client.


We combine the following services to design an effective strategy that is personalised according to the client's objectives.


Here at Imades, we design and develop the communication and image consultancy strategy tailored to the clients' needs. Therefore, we carry out a detailed analysis of the person's different environments, their public image, reputation, partnerships and other influencing factors, with the aim of optimising their personal image according to the strategic objectives.

We work side by side with the person and their teams, creating a basic sphere of communication and trust to position the image of our clients.

Within our advice and consultancy projects particularly focused on policy and leadership, we provide the following services which can be carried out independently or as different pillars within a 360-degree strategy:

  • Communication and public image advice:
    • Audit and analysis of the current image
    • Creation of personal image strategy

We carry out a study on our clients, an audit and analysis of their current image, their perception in the target environments and audiences. We detect their needs and offer solutions and proposals to improve this current image. Once the diagnosis has been performed, we design an appropriate strategy to optimise their image within these areas of interest.

  • Public exhibition-Media training:
    • Communication tools: Non-verbal language - Active listening.
    • Broadcast media:
      • Training with camera.
      • Interview Roleplay .
    • Preparation of conferences and public presentations.

In addition to the communication and public image advice, we help our clients optimise their own tools for managing their reputation. To do so, we offer media training programmes where we provide the necessary training to speak in public, produce speeches, control body language and build effective sales pitches.


We design the ideal communication plan tailored to the needs of every client, according to their strategic and communication objectives. We include all of the areas of corporate communication in this plan, which we can act on independently or under an umbrella strategy.

A 360-degree communication campaign will allow our client to position themselves as a source of information in the media and maintain a solid relationship with them, have the right corporate material, optimise their publications and the impact of their channels on social media, increase the traffic to their website and improve their corporate image, deduce the best performance from all channels to reach their target audience, and prevent and work on possible communication crises.

Each of these pillars is broken down into the following services:

  • Positioning in the media:
    • Creation and dissemination of corporate materials: press releases, announcements, proposed interviews and statements
    • Relationship with the general and specialist media
    • Coverage of offline and online events
    • Positioning of spokespersons and corporate statements
    • Creating sales pitches
  • Social Media Strategy:
    • Creation or development of corporate profiles
    • Content strategy on social networks and management of social networks
    • Creation of "turnkey" strategy (design and proposal of a strategy that the client will implement independently afterwards)
    • Social media audit: analysis of the current state, objectives, needs and proposals for improvement
    • Social Media training
    • Creation of personalised corporate documents:
      • How to draw up a Social Media strategy
      • How to cover an online event, or an offline event with online impact
  • Crisis communication:
    • Design of prevention strategies
    • Creation of strategy to stop a crisis and come out stronger
    • Proposed strategy to deliver to the client
  • Website creation / optimisation of current website:
    • Website proposal, design and programming
    • Content proposal and creation
    • SEO positioning and web analytics
  • Content marketing:
    • Creation of strategy and proposal of content marketing actions
    • Creation and optimisation of corporate blog
    • Relationship with bloggers and influencers
    • Organisation and coverage of online events



  • Sectoral and market analyses
  • Audits and detection of communication needs

As a pre-strategy task, or independently, we carry out research on our clients' environments. These studies may be market analyses or analyses of the sector itself, the competition, trends, and even audits that detect new communication needs.



Asides from consultancy on communication and design of strategies, we draw up training plans aimed at both individuals and companies created to bring out the best communication abilities and skills of our interlocutor: executives, business persons, politicians and professionals who interact at the highest levels of communication.

With training programmes already organised in our offices, or plans created especially to be given in the offices of our clients, our objective is to turn students into great spokespersons, communicators and opinion leaders.

  • Personal and business training
    • Communication skills
    • How to speak in public
    • Training spokespersons
    • In-company training
  • Teacher training
    • Communication classes given in organisations, institutions and educational centres


We are a young team: with specialist training and extensive experience in the different areas of marketing and communication. We also have professional partners in Media and Communication.

We are a multidisciplinary team: our experience covers a wide range of fields and sectors thus optimising the Marketing and Communication tools, while always remaining focused on achieving the objectives set.

We are experts: we offer knowledge and the necessary resources to design a 360-degree Marketing and Communication strategy: preliminary communication analysis and audit, action proposal, strategy monitoring and performance report.

We are innovative: we work with the most innovative marketing, positioning and digital strategy tools. Our online and offline experience helps us design the ideal project and the best social perception results for our clients.

We have a network of partners with whom we work together in different strategies in Europe, Latin America and Miami. We combine experience, knowledge of the environment and resources, with the aim of achieving the best results for our clients.

Network of Partners

At IMADES we work with different partners around the world, who help us implement international strategies and combine our experience and knowledge with their local know-how.

Our network of partners shares our philosophy, values and professionalism, getting together the talent to achieve the best results.

These are our partners:

Sinergia Iberonet

Sinergia Iberonet

Sinergia Iberonet is a network of consulting and expert services in the development of corporate communication strategies, personal image campaigns, reputation and crisis management, with a focus on the Ibero-American region. Planning of successful communication strategies for companies and personalities from the political and business world.

Knight & Pawn

Knight & Pawn

We are part of Knight & Pawn, a network of communication agencies that make up an international team with projection in more than 12 countries. The fusion of knowledge and experience of each agency in its local and international market manage to conform essential values when designing an optimal communication strategy that brings together all the disciplines.

Grupo Máster


Grupo Máster is our partner in film and television production. Founded in 1988, based in Madrid, they produce non-fiction content, documentaries, films and corporate and institutional videos. They are true professionals of good photography, soundtrack, editing and postproduction, and work with all their enthusiasm and experience throughout the process: from the creation of the concept to the final distribution. With this philosophy they create and coordinate the most appropriate team of experts for each piece, with only professionals who love their work and know the audiovisual transformation capacity.

Paxzu Comunicación


With 20 years of experience in Mexico, Paxzu Communication is one of our partners in the region in Communication, Marketing, Big Data and digital solutions. With an integral perspective, they are specialists in intelligent communication and the generation of positive public opinion online. Its strengths: online positioning and digital 360 degrees strategies.